Tips Choosing The Right Wedding Car

So you’re planning your big day, everything is finally coming together then your dearly beloved suggests a Hummer Limo to transport the wedding party to the wedding reception. Apart from cringing and telling your other half what a horrible monstrosity they are, it’ll at least get you thinking about suitable types of wedding transport. How do you want to arrive at the wedding? Do you want to arrive in style? Do you want to go traditional? Do you want to be totally bohemian and arrive in a White London Taxi? The type of transport you arrive in depends on the style of wedding and of course your individual choice.

Some people take choosing the car for granted as they don’t see it as a huge detail; this is not the case as choosing the car is nearly as important as choosing the dress. After all, who wants to turn up to their wedding in an old Reliant Robin?

Vintage cars bring an aura of romance; dating back from the 1930′s these cars have stood the test of time for their simple brilliance and elegance. Thirties-era cars are perfect if you are going for a more traditional wedding look and want to cap it off with something stylish yet elegant. Cars such as Rolls Royce or Beauford Vintage Open Tourer are the types you should be looking at. 

The choice of vehicle is down to your own personal taste, along with any themes that you may have running through your entire day. You could choose classic, vintage, sports cars or even limousines. For many traditional weddings the classic car is a popular choice, adding even more elegance to the day.

For the more bohemian wedding there’s only one way you can arrive – in a classic white London Fairway Taxi. It is a special wedding car in many ways but mainly because of the history it represents, and the perfect touch for any wedding and works well for those on a budget as they are cheaper to hire.

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