Have You Booked Your Car? Here Is A Tip.

It's the month of May and Kent & Medway Wedding Cars have already completed 50 wedding bookings. If you have not booked your car yet we still have vehicles available.  

Here is a tip. If you have small children and you are getting married requiring transport. The classic London Fairway Wedding Taxis are perfect transport. Many couples have found them ideal because;

1. They have a large amount of passenger space. Means room for the family and belongings.

2. You can sit with or without seatbelts. Gives the opportunity to move & attend your children.

3. The seats all face each other. Gives the benefit of face to face contact to keep children calm.

4. Large wide opening doors. Means easy access for the family belongings and child seats.

London Fairway Taxis for weddings in Kent.