Your Best Choice For 2016.

The silver Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Mk1 is a fashionable colour car for 2016 weddings, chosen by those who know that only the silver Rolls Royce Silver Cloud will do. For couples who aren't familiar with the merits of the Silver Cloud, here some of the reasons to choose this car.

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud has a rear cabin floor which is flat and 35cm off the ground with wide doors that makes entry and exit a very gracious and dignified process unlike modern cars. The rear passenger seat is a sprung bench seat contoured and plushly comfortable, couples will tell you how they enjoy the experience of luxury and ride comfort compared to modern transport. 

rrsc chilston1.jpg

Although a very large car that is nearly 60 years old, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is comfortable cruising at a little over 80mph, and will exceed 100mph. It is a car that turns heads and causes all eyes to follow it as it glides past, it is traditionally elegant with flowing lines and long bonnet, Rolls Royce Wedding hire does not get any better than the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

Hire from £399 a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud worth approaching £100,000 and equivalent to £250,000 when new which remains an epitome of elegance and smartness. As one of the greatest and most timeless of all Rolls Royce's, it pampers its occupants while broadcasting to the world outside that they are people of status, style, affluence and influence.