Magnificent Traditional White Wedding Cars

When I was growing up I always adored the amazing spectacle of a traditional wedding car. Many a memory included me playing in the street to be instantly breath taken at the sight of what I later found out was the amazingly luxurious Rolls Royce wedding car.

Rolls Royce and Daimler Limousine - Copy.JPG

I knew that inside would be a beautifully radiant lady in a delightful white flowing dress. I'd always run up to the church at the top of the street to catch a glimpse of this happy and pretty lady who would elegantly meet other over whelmingly happy and excitable people. I could only imagine that they too were so taken back at the image of perfection this whole scene had created.

It was not only me as a child who would hesitate to sneak a peek, the reactions of others around me were equally as pleasing as mine. At first sight of this picturesque vision they would instantly stop their chit chat in astoundment for this magnificently timeless and ultimately exquisite wedding car.

I'm happy to say that now that I'm older, my special day is on its way. I will now be sitting in that luxurious car being chauffeured around as heads turn for me. I will be smiling joyfully as I eagerly await the presence of my wonderful husband-to-be. Our love will be confirmed until the end of time.

Little girls dream of moments like these, and now I am in awe of being able to live out my childhood dream. I have made sure that the smallest detail has been covered and that everything is perfect. How can I forget my wonderful memories containing a traditional white wedding car decorated with beautiful rose ribbons made of silk and transporting a lady of elegance.

My childhood fantasy will not be of such, but one of reality. Children will soon look at me in my dream car, and stop in simple astonishment. Who would have thought that I would start my next level of life with my new found love, honoring the memory of the beautiful traditional white wedding car style.

by Gemma  Bentley