2013 CAR PRICE LIST - All cars are available to view.

The cars basic price is for the collection of the Bride or Groom or Bridesmaids,

one journey to the service, the waiting period for the service & photographs,

and one journey from the service to the Reception. 


CAR                                             MODEL/COLOUR                                                                BASIC PRICE


1932 ROLLS ROYCE                     Vintage Open Tourer 20/25 ~ White                                 From  £449.00

1958 ROLLS ROYCE                     Silver Cloud MK1 ~ Slate/Silver                                          From  £349.00


1960 ROLLS ROYCE                    Silver Cloud MK11 ~ White                                                 From  £349.00


1988 DAIMLER LIMOUSINE         Limousine ~ Slate/Silver ( seats 7 )                                    From   £249.00


1985 DAIMLER LIMOUSINE         Limousine ~ White ( seats 7/8 )                                         From   £249.00


1966 JAGUAR SPORTS               Inspector Morse MK2 ‘S’ ~ White                                      From   £300.00


BEAUFORD VINTAGE                 1930’s 4 door Open Tourer ~ White                                  From   £349.00


VINTAGE SPORT SALOON         1930’s R75 Bentley type ~ White                                       From   £349.00


1972 ROLLS ROYCE                   Silver Shadow long wheelbase White                               From   £269.00


EXECUTIVE JAGUAR                 XJ Sovereign ~ White                                                        From   £200.00


EXECUTIVE JAGUAR                ‘S’ Type 3.0L V6 ~ Metallic Silver                                        From   £200.00

1989 LONDON TAXI                 Classic Fairway Taxi ~ White                                              From   £230.00


For bookings of two or more cars, a discount will be given.

We offer open air journeys with the Rolls Royce Tourer & Beauford Open Tourer.

We can offer to drive to a local park or other photo location for an additional 10%.

£125.00 deposit per car is required to secure your booking. 

Thank you for the interest you have shown and if we may be of any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us on the number shown above.